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Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Walton

Jennifer Walton

Dedicated to helping patients along their journey to ventilator liberation, the TriVent Healthcare team consists of devoted individuals who are fully immersed in providing industry-leading care. This includes Jennifer Walton, Chief Financial Officer of TriVent Healthcare.

Specializing in finance and operations, Jennifer joined TriVent in 2015 and continues to be inspired by the team’s collective heart, passion, and commitment. 

“I often hear personal accounts from our team about the different experiences that have influenced and encouraged their careers as healthcare providers. These real-life stories have brought together a group that is truly invested in the well-being and happiness of our patients,” says Jennifer. “When you can say to yourself, ‘if I had a family member who was sick, there’s no place I’d rather them be than in our units’ that’s when you realize your team is extraordinary.”

While there are numerous medical miracles that happen every day at TriVent, Jennifer also enjoys witnessing the small, yet deeply meaningful, moments shared between the team and their patients. She often sees team members painting a patient’s nails, bringing in balloons for a birthday, or FaceTiming with a family member who can’t physically be in the hospital. 

However, the stories that resonate the most with Jennifer involve the unit’s younger patients. 

“To hear each week how their health journey is progressing, and that they’re ultimately recovering, going home and living their lives again, is truly inspiring,” she says. “There’s nothing better than when patients come back to the unit to visit us and share what’s been happening in their lives. Knowing our team played a part in giving someone more time to experience all the joy life has to offer is absolutely incredible.”

Proud to be part of this growing company, Jennifer loves nothing more than watching the different patient celebrations when they’re being discharged. “The smiles on their faces and their family members’ faces are priceless. It brightens my day every time.”

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, New York. Formerly a baseball mom, she has recently taken up furniture restoration projects as she and her husband approach the empty nest stage of their lives. When ‘out of office,’ she enjoys going to the beach, boating, and traveling with her husband and their two sons.