Higher liberation rates, shorter stays, lower readmissions and measurable ROI


A win-win for hospitals and patients.

By partnering with TriVent Healthcare, hospitals have the rare opportunity to drive measurable ROI and quality improvement scores without any investment in equipment or personnel. We work hand in hand with hospital teams to establish a TriVent Healthcare unit focused exclusively on the recovery of ventilator-dependent patients. And while the unit is 100% dedicated to this critical care population, it remains totally integrated with the hospital’s operations. 

TriVent Healthcare: By the Numbers


On average, each TriVent Healthcare bed can generate $250,000 in incremental net income for the hospital.


Since 1991, we’ve treated more than 10,000 ventilator-dependent patients.


Our Case Mix index is over 13; more than twice the typical burn unit.


The average length of stay in our unit is 22 days. A 32% reduction from the national average that also reduces HAI too.
Our readmission rate within 30 days of discharge is less than 7%; that’s more than two times better than the national average.


Our ventilator liberation rate is 85%, nearly forty percent higher than the national average.

Working Together for Improved Outcomes

When we partner with a hospital, we commit all of the necessary human resources and capital to create a Special Care Unit in a designated area. We become an integrated element of your operations by utilizing your EMR system and delegating billing and collections to the hospital.

The primary commitment from the hospital, outside of providing a dedicated area, is the provision of beds and consumables.