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Walking Home From The ICU Episode 159: Building a Dream Team

What happens when resources and staffing are dedicated to providing high touch and high compliance with the ABCDEF bundle? How does adequate staffing, interdisciplinary team dynamics, and quality protocols impact patient outcomes and financial benefits? What is the “secret sauce” of successfully weaning patients from the ventilator? Sam Nimah and Phillip Norris share with us the exemplary work happening at Trivent care.

A top concern in the critical care community is the staffing crisis. Stay tuned for an episode diving deeper into staffing and the ABCDEF bundle, but this episode we’re going to explore what can happen when a team has prioritized staffing for high human touch and focus on the ABCDEF bundle and ICU rehabilitation.

The painful irony is that we need adequate staffing to provide the ABCDEF bundle, and when the ABCDEF is not practiced, it increases the burden on staff through high world demand from delirium and ICU acquired weakness, increased time on the ventilator and ICU, the inability to transfer patients out of the ICU when care facilities are full, and then readmissions to the ICU when complications from the ICU continue persist.

Throughout the years, I’ve had listeners reach out and say, “I look around my unit, and it doesn’t look like an ICU. It is full of patients that we’ve turned into LTACH patients, but we’re not rehabilitating them. LTACH is full, so they’re stuck here, and we can’t get them out. Yet we’re not providing the care they need to go home and it’s burning us out.”

This episode, I’ve invited representatives from Trivent to share with us the incredible example they’ve set of the benefit to costs, clinicians, and especially patients when an entire team is staffed for and deeply focused on the ABCDEF bundle.