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University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital Renews Ventilator Liberation Agreement with TriVent Healthcare

UAB Hospital

TriVent Healthcare (Formerly Special Care Unit) recently signed a new five-year agreement to continue operating its Special Care Unit at University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. The acute, multidisciplinary unit is solely dedicated to liberating patients from their ventilator.  

TriVent’s Special Care Unit offers ventilator-dependent patients a unique model of daily intensive rehabilitation, improving their likelihood of liberating from the ventilator to greater than 80%. Treatment includes therapy provided by TriVent Healthcare’s multidisciplinary staff six days a week. The team is comprised of a dedicated unit manager, case manager, and acute care professionals, such as registered nurses, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, and physical and occupational therapists. 

The unique partnership between TriVent Healthcare and University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital is only one of two in the United States.