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Sam Nimah
TriVent CEO Sam Nimah

TriVent Healthcare (formerly Special Care Providers) recently rebranded to better express its three-pronged approach to ventilator rehabilitation. TriVent CEO Sam Nimah provides insight into the new name below. 

Q: Why TriVent and what does it mean to you? 

A: When we were trying to determine what to rename the company, we kept coming back to the notion of “threes.” The new name – TriVent Healthcare – and logo speak to our focused expertise in ventilator liberation and pulmonary rehabilitation while highlighting our three (tri) key steps for success: therapy, liberation, and recovery.

Q: What was the motivation behind transitioning from Special Care Providers to TriVent?

A: When we talk about what we do for patients and hospitals, Special Care Providers felt generic. By changing the name to TriVent Healthcare, it really encompasses more wholly, what we do. We are the leading ventilator liberation company in the country. We take the hardest cases, we get them liberated from the ventilator, we help them recover and get them back to their lives. That’s what excites us. Special Care Providers didn’t cover that. TriVent Healthcare does.

Q: You use the word “uncommon” to describe your approach. What makes TriVent Healthcare so “uncommon”?

A: The list is way too long for a simple answer, but our secret sauce is our team. Our dedicated staff of respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, case management and leadership all march to the same drum. People ask what our secret sauce is all the time, and I’ll give them one or two examples, but the reality is there are countless ingredients that make TriVent so “uncommon.”

Q: What can hospitals gain from partnering with TriVent?

A: The main thing is a better clinical pathway for their trach vent patients. There’s a stark reality in U.S. hospitals today: their solutions for these patients are insufficient. With TriVent, we have a singular focus:  liberate patients from a ventilator faster and with a higher rate of success. On average, we shave nine days off length of stay compared to the national average. Partnering with us is a win-win for hospitals and patients. 

Since 1991, TriVent Healthcare has partnered with hospitals and health systems to offer a unique approach that improves recovery time, reduces length of stay and lowers readmissions of medically complex patients with the goal of successfully reuniting patients with their families. To get in touch with the TriVent team to learn more, complete the contact form here