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TriVent Healthcare Celebrates Multimillion-Dollar Savings and Continued Partnership with Tampa General Hospital

The partnership achieves over a $2 million margin growth in one year through a strategic focus on efficiency and innovation for exceptional patient care.

Boca Raton and Tampa, FL (May  13, 2024) – Trivent Healthcare, a leading provider of ventilator liberation services, recently announced the fiscal achievements of its collaboration with Tampa General Hospital (TGH). This successful partnership continues to produce significant cost savings, once again exceeding $2 million for the hospital in 2023. Ventilator liberation is the process of removing a patient from mechanical ventilation to breathe successfully on their own.

TriVent Healthcare focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to liberating patients from ventilators. Using high-touch, high-frequency therapy provides an improved likelihood of success. 

“We are thrilled to celebrate the achievements that our partnership with Tampa General has generated,” said TriVent Healthcare CEO Sam Nimah. “Their TriVent unit has not only resulted in significant cost savings for the hospital but, more importantly, improved the lives of countless patients. We are excited for the continued success of our partnership and look forward to further advancing patient care and enhancing ventilator liberation together in the future.”

Tampa General’s TriVent unit is fully dedicated to its acute care population. In 2023, the hospital’s average length of stay for patients in the unit was 16.5 days, with a ventilator liberation rate of 86% – both of which exceed industry standards. 

“TriVent began as a strategic partner for our hospital in 2019, and our unit continues to deliver successful outcomes for both our patients and our hospital,” said Tampa General Hospital President and CEO John Couris. “We are on a mission to continue to transform health care through innovation and collaboration and we look forward to deepening our ongoing relationship with TriVent as we explore our opportunities to further enhance patient care and operational efficiency.”

In June 2022, TriVent and Tampa General renewed their five-year agreement to continue operating the TriVent unit. To learn more about TriVent Healthcare, visit