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TriVent Healthcare CEO Sam Nimah shares insights on ventilator care

By Shannon Young

Healthcare Brew Sam Nimah

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This week’s Making Rounds spotlights Sam Nimah, CEO of TriVent Healthcare, a Florida-based company that helps hospitals wean patients off ventilators. TriVent generates an average of $200,000 per bed in incremental net income for facilities.

Nimah discussed how the Covid-19 pandemic refocused attention on ventilator care, as well as the importance of improving corporate culture amid persistent, industry-wide workforce shortages.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Tell me about TriVent Healthcare and why it’s hard for hospitals to wean patients off ventilators.

Patients on mechanical ventilation pose a significant risk [and] liability for hospitals, as well as cost hospitals a lot of money. The solution that the industry has had for decades simply doesn’t work: It doesn’t get the patient off the ventilator. Patients don’t rehabilitate in the intensive care unit (ICU) very well, and sending them to long-term acute care has failed the patient, as well.

What we do is open a unit within the acute hospital. Through our tested protocols and our very specific staffing model, we’re able to liberate the patient from the ventilator much faster and with greater success than really anybody else in the industry.

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