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Partnership successful at weaning patients off ventilators

By Christopher Cheney 

The Progressive Care Unit at Tampa General Hospital has generated impressive results, including an 83% ventilator weaning rate and 75% reduction in readmissions.


  • The partnership between Tampa General Hospital and Special Care Unit features a joint staffing model for the hospital’s Progressive Care Unit, which weans patients off ventilators.
  • The Progressive Care Unit provides an exceptional patient experience for patients on ventilators, with daily intensive rehabilitation efforts.
  • The Progressive Care Unit has generated several positive results, including reducing length of stay.

Editor’s note: This article appears in the September/October 2022 edition of HealthLeaders magazine.

A unique partnership at Tampa General Hospital is generating positive results for patients on ventilators.

Ventilator-dependent patients are medically complex and often have multiple morbidities. Providing care for these patients is costly, and they have extended lengths of stay compared to many hospitalized patients.

In a partnership with Boca Raton, Florida-based Special Care Unit, Tampa General Hospital operates a Progressive Care Unit to wean patients off ventilators. “It is separate from an ICU. It is a step-down level of care from an ICU. It has its own dedicated area in the hospital,” says Sam Nimah, CEO of Special Care Unit.

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